Congratulations To Our New FFL Treasurer – Jennifer Sandman – Olympia HS

Varsity States @ Olympia HS: February 29th & March 1st.

Novice States @ Cypress Bay High School:  April 4th and 5th


FFL Secretary Election!  Vote via Survey Monkey – Click The Link

FFL Secretary Election – Survey Monkey – Vote Now

Candidate Statements

Paul Gaba – Wellington HS

From the Home Office in Yeehaw Junction, Florida –

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Paul Gaba as FFL Secretary:

10: Bilingual – he speaks both Speechwire and Joy of Tournaments.

9: His array of multicolored sports jackets will brighten the tab room.

8: Needs the resume boost to increase his chances of becoming US Secretary of Education.

7: It’s his 18th year as a speech and debate coach, and he thinks he finally knows what he’s doing.

6: Has learned the secret to success: providing Kristie Taylor with kegs of Diet Coke.

5: Can pepper the minutes with Star Wars quotes.

4: He was FFL VP/Webmaster for 10 years, is very familiar with the process, helped revamp the congress and judge manuals, and works well with others on the board.

3: A better speller than Trump (which, admittedly isn’t saying much).

2: Will save the league money on toner and ink because his name would be the shortest of all the officers.

And the Number 1 reason to choose Paul Gaba as FFL Secretary: Capable of Tweeting tourney updates like a man possessed.

Courtney Chipman – Dillard HS
Good Morning,
I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and restful summer. I would be honored to serve as the Secretary for the Florida Forensic League. I am going into my 7th year coaching and my 11th year participating in this life-changing activity. This year I have made a transition and I am proudly serving as the Director of Forensics for Dillard High School.
I am very organized, responsive and I have an astute ability to observe, listen, and learn. I
believe that along with my experience over the years, as both a competitor in high school and a coach, my familiarity with tabulating tournaments as well as hosting tournaments, and my knowledge of the league’s rules and regulations, I would be a fit candidate.
In the climate that we live in—and I’m not talking about this excessive heat— I believe now more than ever that what we do; teach kids that what they say, and what they believe in, matters. Like our students, there are important things that we want to say and believe in and as the Secretary, I would diligently and happily record, store and share those ideas and or concerns.
I look forward to seeing you all at the FFL meeting at NSU USchool on Saturday, September 7th.
Thank you,
Courtney Chipman M.S.


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