Attention – The Membership Application For 2018-2019 Has Been Closed! 


Membership Application Instructions

  1. Membership in Florida Forensic League, Inc. is limited to public and non-public secondary schools in the state of Florida.  Each member school is classified as ONE of the following:

            –High School (students in grades 9 – 12 or 10 – 12)

            –Ninth Grade Center (students in grade 9 ONLY)

            –Middle School (students in grades 6 – 8)

            –Junior High School (students in grades 7 – 9)

Each applicant will classify itself, but the Board of Directors reserves the right to review and change any classification.

  1. Any student in grades 6 – 12 at a member school may participate in league activities. Neither individual students nor individual coaches hold membership in the League.
  2. This application may only be completed by the person whom the school principal will designate as theHead Coach.
  3. All 2018-2019 FFL member schools, along with all first-time applicant schools, must complete and electronically submit the form below. Paper copies of the membership application are no longer accepted.
  4. When completing the application, all fields must be filled out.  If a particular piece of information does not apply to your school, please type “N/A” in the appropriate box.  Applications with incomplete information will be returned to the sender with instructions to resubmit the application.
  5. Upon receipt of a school’s membership application, the President of the League shall send an electronic confirmation to the email address of the person designated asHead Coach on the application.  Confirmation of receipt of membership application may take up to 72 hours.
  6. The confirmation email will include a membership authorization form that must be signed by the school principal.  Once completed, this form must be returned along with the required annual dues payment.  For schools whose bookkeepers require an invoice to release a check, the email confirmation will include a bill for dues from the FFL.
  7. In order to secure membership in FFL, ALL of the following requirements must have been met no later than Friday, December 15, 2018.
  8. A completed, electronically submitted application form that has been confirmed by the League President.
  9. A signed membership authorization form from the school’s principal.
  10. A check to cover the required annual dues payment ($70 for all schools, but new schools receive a 50% discount)

In the case of B and C above, a postmark date will be honored.  However, documents that are received with a postmark date after the deadline will not be accepted.

 ***All questions regarding the membership process and eligibility should be directed to league president, Carol Cecil. 

To begin application click here 

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